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We have developed the next generation of pipeline inspection tools with the goal of creating the highest density and most powerful sensor combination in the world. Our high-resolution combo tools utilize axial pipe magnetization to look for corrosion and are optimized to detect and accurately measure even the smallest anomalies.

To complement these tools, our modern software and reports present all the critical information about your pipeline with high quality 3D visualizations and tight integration with GIS systems.

We also offer self-propelled caliper tools that operate without the need for pressurized fluid or gas. This gives them the unique capability to inspect newly constructed sections directly after backfill, stockpiled pipe, field bends, river crossings, and a host of other applications.

To request an inspection quote, please fill out our pipeline questionnaire, or contact us directly:

3-4X More Metal Loss Sensors

The highest sensor density to detect the smallest metal loss anomalies.

Significantly Higher Sample Rate

Ensures that the smallest anomalies are detected and that nothing is missed during speed excursions.

Bi-directional & Free-swimming

Free-swimming and bi-directional operation in one compact design.


Our MFL and caliper systems have a unique design that fully covers the inside circumference of the pipeline regardless of wall thickness changes.

Currently, we have the following tools and are developing more sizes:

NPS 2 60.3 mm
NPS 3 88.9 mm
NPS 4 114.3 mm
NPS 6 168.3 mm
NPS 8 219.1 mm
NPS 10 273.1 mm
NPS 12 323.9 mm
NPS 24 609.6 mm

MFL = Magnetic Flux Leakage, GEO = Geometry, GT = Gauge Tool, SP = Self Propelled


Our reports are designed to give you all the critical information about the integrity of your pipeline at a glance.

In addition to sizing and analyzing all anomalies, we provide the following as part of our standard service:

  • 3D visualizations of metal loss and pipe deformations
  • Tape wrap & weld coating integrity analysis
  • Predictions about future problem areas
  • Debris mapping
  • GIS integrated map visualizations
  • Anomaly and debris heat maps
  • Pipeline temperature profiles

Our data analysts are local to Calgary, and we put you in direct contact with them for any questions about your pipeline.



We have developed a feature packed and user-friendly software package (PDVA) which we use to process and analyze run data. PDVA also has a client mode which allows for viewing of the pipeline's data and creating custom reports all within the same powerful software.

Some highlights:

  • Interactive 3D visualizations of metal loss and pipe deformations
  • Interactive histograms
  • Interactive burst pressure calculations
  • View all data collected by the inspection tool
  • View your pipeline data on an interactive map
  • Interactive digsheet generator and viewer
  • Capable of exporting over 30 different reports
  • Link to existing data like GIS data / weld mapping, IDs, etc.
  • Metric and U.S. Customary units

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We are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada